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gferg 0d0d951bb9 support in bld for XML; proper settings for text filter (defaults) 2000-11-13 20:51:53 +00:00
gleblanc dc0c472f76 First rev of a Makefile to create output from a single sgml source
file.  Currently, it only works on DocBook files.  See the comments in
the file for more information.  This will NOT work on anybody's system
except mine.  Ideas on portability are welcomed.
2000-10-31 04:25:24 +00:00
gferg 4f406fbe19 xml support in build script 2000-10-09 15:12:25 +00:00
gferg a13d4657e6 fix removing blank lines, patching URLs 2000-08-08 18:13:07 +00:00
gferg f283e2bb70 MAJOR update. Cleaned up script, added support for DB 4.1, added command-line args, streamlined some of the processing, added ability to create index.sgml (collateindex, ect) 2000-08-02 17:39:24 +00:00
gferg 7d8ff0059e updated 2000-08-02 17:37:59 +00:00
gferg a63ce51bfc updated 2000-07-25 22:10:29 +00:00
gferg 4442e8c6b5 updated 2000-07-24 17:19:01 +00:00
gferg cb25823664 updated; added enumeration of section heads in toc 2000-06-14 15:29:17 +00:00
gferg d2bd0f9b2d initial entry; DSSSL stylesheet used by the LDP for DocBook entries 2000-05-30 21:26:38 +00:00
gferg a3d35ff157 initial entry of build script used on metalab 2000-05-17 15:37:10 +00:00
tjbynum 87aeb5ff66 LDP Builder App 1999-11-27 21:24:15 +00:00