First rev of a Makefile to create output from a single sgml source

file.  Currently, it only works on DocBook files.  See the comments in
the file for more information.  This will NOT work on anybody's system
except mine.  Ideas on portability are welcomed.
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gleblanc 2000-10-31 04:25:24 +00:00
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commit dc0c472f76
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@ -0,0 +1,57 @@
# I deleted my first working makefile, but it should be fast to create
# a new one here. The targets currently implemented are html,
# html_onefile, text, pdf, ps, sgml.gz, html.tar.gz
# If there are more formats that I've forgotten, please let me know
# The default target is all, which creates all possible output
# formats. As of this moment, this makefile acts on all files in the
# current directory. If you know a way of getting around that, please
# let me know.
files = `echo *.sgml | sed "s/\.sgml//g" `
all: html html_onefile text pdf ps sgml.gz html.tar.gz
(for i in $(files); do \
mkdir $$i; \
cd $$i; \
jade -t sgml -i html -d \
/home/gleblanc/projects/LDP/LDP/builder/dsssl/ldp.dsl\#html \
../$$i.sgml; \
cd ..; \
(for i in $(files); do \
jade -t sgml -i html -V nochunks -d \
/home/gleblanc/projects/LDP/LDP/builder/dsssl/ldp.dsl\#html \
$$i.sgml > 00_$$i.html;\
done; )
text: html_onefile
(for i in $(files); do \
lynx -dump 00_$$i.html > $$i.txt; \
done; )
pdf: html_onefile
(for i in $(files); do \
htmldoc --size universal -t pdf -f $$i.pdf 00_$$i.html; \
done; )
ps: html_onefile
(for i in $(files); do \
htmldoc --size universal -t pdf -f $$ 00_$$i.html; \
done; )
(for i in $(files); do \
cp $$i.sgml ldp_mk_tmp; \
gzip -f ldp_mk_tmp; \
mv -f ldp_mk_tmp.gz $$i.sgml.gz;\
done; )
html.tar.gz: html
(for i in $(files); do \
tar -cf $$i.tar $$i; \
gzip -f $$i.tar; \
done; )