adjust and reorganize imports

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Martin A. Brown 2016-03-03 11:27:19 -08:00
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commit 7359af070d
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@ -8,14 +8,13 @@ import sys
import logging
from argparse import Namespace
import tldp.typeguesser
from tldp.doctypes.common import preamble, postamble
from tldp.sources import SourceDocument
from tldp.typeguesser import knowndoctypes
from tldp.sources import SourceDocument, arg_issourcedoc
from tldp.outputs import OutputDirectory
from tldp.inventory import Inventory, status_classes, status_types
from tldp.config import collectconfiguration
from tldp.utils import arg_isloglevel
from tldp.sources import arg_issourcedoc
from tldp.doctypes.common import preamble, postamble
logformat = '%(levelname)-9s %(name)s %(filename)s#%(lineno)s %(funcName)s %(message)s'
logging.basicConfig(stream=sys.stderr, format=logformat, level=logging.ERROR)
@ -128,7 +127,7 @@ def getStatusNames(args):
def getDocumentClasses(args):
largs = [x.lower() for x in args]
sought = list()
for cls in tldp.typeguesser.knowndoctypes:
for cls in knowndoctypes:
if cls.__name__.lower() in largs:
@ -202,7 +201,7 @@ def run(argv):
# -- produce a configuration from CLI, ENV and CFG
tag = 'ldptool'
config, args = tldp.config.collectconfiguration(tag, argv)
config, args = collectconfiguration(tag, argv)
logger.debug("Received the following configuration:")
for param, value in sorted(vars(config).items()):