add support for --script; shorten names

adding support for the --script option
shortening the names in the script since it was getting fairly redundant to
keep typing tldp.outputs.Output*, tldp.inventory.Inventory and
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Martin A. Brown 2016-03-03 11:23:54 -08:00
parent 0ee742b64b
commit b092e09516
1 changed files with 22 additions and 13 deletions

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@ -8,10 +8,12 @@ import sys
import logging
from argparse import Namespace
import tldp
import tldp.typeguesser
from tldp.inventory import status_classes, status_types
from tldp.doctypes.common import preamble, postamble
from tldp.sources import SourceDocument
from tldp.outputs import OutputDirectory
from tldp.inventory import Inventory, status_classes, status_types
from tldp.utils import arg_isloglevel
from tldp.sources import arg_issourcedoc
@ -22,7 +24,7 @@ logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def summary(config, inv=None, **kwargs):
if inv is None:
inv = tldp.inventory.Inventory(config.pubdir, config.sourcedir)
inv = Inventory(config.pubdir, config.sourcedir)
file = kwargs.get('file', sys.stdout)
width = Namespace()
width.status = max([len(x) for x in status_types])
@ -65,17 +67,17 @@ def detail(config, docs, **kwargs):
def build(config, docs, **kwargs):
result = list()
for x, source in enumerate(docs, 1):
if not isinstance(source, tldp.sources.SourceDocument):
if not isinstance(source, SourceDocument):"%s (%d of %d) skipping, no source for orphan",
source.stem, x, len(docs))
if not source.output:
dirname = os.path.join(config.pubdir, source.stem)
source.output = tldp.outputs.OutputDirectory(dirname)
if not source.doctype:
logger.warning("%s (%d of %d) skipping unknown doctype",
source.stem, x, len(docs))
if not source.output:
dirname = os.path.join(config.pubdir, source.stem)
source.output = OutputDirectory.fromsource(config.pubdir, source)
output = source.output
runner = source.doctype(source=source, output=output, config=config)"%s (%d of %d) initiating build",
@ -89,9 +91,13 @@ def build(config, docs, **kwargs):
return 1
def script(config, docs, inv, **kwargs):
raise NotImplementedError
return 0
def script(config, docs, **kwargs):
if preamble:
print(preamble, file=sys.stdout)
result = build(config, docs, **kwargs)
if postamble:
print(postamble, file=sys.stdout)
return result
def getDocumentNames(args):
@ -180,7 +186,7 @@ def extractExplicitDocumentArgs(config, args):
logger.debug("args included %d documents in filesystem: %r",
len(rawdocs), rawdocs)
for doc in rawdocs:
return docs, remainder
@ -245,7 +251,7 @@ def run(argv):
return " --pubdir (and --sourcedir) required for inventory."
if not config.sourcedir:
return " --sourcedir (and --pubdir) required for inventory."
inv = tldp.inventory.Inventory(config.pubdir, config.sourcedir)
inv = Inventory(config.pubdir, config.sourcedir)"Collected inventory containing %s documents.",
@ -295,11 +301,14 @@ def run(argv):
return detail(config, docs)
if config.script:
return script(config, docs)
return script(config, docs, preamble=preamble, postamble=postamble)
if not"Assuming --build, since no other action was specified...") = True
if not config.pubdir:
return " --pubdir required to --build."
return build(config, docs)