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python-tldp TODO
user-visible needs
* add a manpage
* add support for .epub3 (or just .epub?) [python-epub ?]
* consider adding support for metadata extraction from documents
* create TLDP DocBook 5.0 XSL files (if we care)
code internals
* generate contrib/tldp.spec at build time (?)
* SourceDocument and OutputDirectory both have nearly-identical
methods called detail() which define a format string; probably
should be defined once in a parent class or something
* consider replacing CascadingConfig with something (better?) from PyPI
* factor out CascadingConfig into its own project
* smart_bool for config handling; /usr/lib64/python2.7/
around line 364ff.
_boolean_states = {'1': True, 'yes': True, 'true': True, 'on': True,
'0': False, 'no': False, 'false': False, 'off': False}