improve the handling of --skip

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Martin A. Brown 2016-03-01 10:30:18 -08:00
parent 4b52db51a7
commit aff926bb58
1 changed files with 49 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ import logging
from argparse import Namespace
import tldp
import tldp.typeguesser
from tldp.inventory import status_classes, status_types
from tldp.utils import arg_isloglevel
@ -77,9 +78,6 @@ def build(config, docs, inv, **kwargs):
if not source.output:
dirname = os.path.join(config.pubdir, source.stem)
source.output = tldp.outputs.OutputDirectory(dirname)
if source.stem in config.skip:"%s skipping, per user request", source.stem)
if not source.doctype:
logger.warning("%s skipping document of unknown doctype",
@ -116,6 +114,15 @@ def getStatusNames(args):
return sought, remainder
def getDocumentClasses(args):
sought = set()
for cls in tldp.typeguesser.knowndoctypes:
if cls.__name__.lower() in args:
remainder = set(args).difference(sought)
return sought, remainder
def getStemNames(config, stati, args, inv=None):
if inv is None:
inv = tldp.inventory.Inventory(config.pubdir, config.sourcedir)
@ -130,6 +137,33 @@ def getStemNames(config, stati, args, inv=None):
return sought, remainder, inv
def skipDocuments(config, docs, inv):
if not docs:
if inv is None:
inv = tldp.inventory.Inventory(config.pubdir, config.sourcedir)
docs = inv.all.values()
included = list()
excluded = list()
skip_stati, remainder = getStatusNames(config.skip)
skip_doctypes, skip_stems = getDocumentClasses(remainder)
for doc in docs:
stem = doc.stem
if hasattr(doc, 'doctype'):
if doc.doctype in skip_doctypes:"%s skipping doctype %s", stem, doc.doctype)
if doc.status in skip_stati:"%s skipping status %s", stem, doc.status)
if doc.stem in skip_stems:"%s skipping stem %s", stem, stem)
return included, excluded
def run(argv):
# -- may want to see option parsing, so set --loglevel as
# soon as possible
@ -193,6 +227,18 @@ def run(argv):
return "Unknown argument (not stem, file nor status_class): " \
+ ' '.join(remainder)
if config.skip:
docs, excluded = skipDocuments(config, docs, inv)
# -- one last check to see that config.pubdir and config.sourcedir are set
# appropriately; before we try to use them
if not inv:
if not config.pubdir:
return " --pubdir (and --sourcedir) required for inventory."
if not config.sourcedir:
return " --sourcedir (and --pubdir) required for inventory."
if config.detail:
return detail(config, docs, inv)