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style.css - a CSS stylesheet for use with HTML output produced by
tldp-xsl stylesheets. Written by David Horton.
body {
Style the HMTL <body> tag with a sans-serif font and 6% margin.
A sans-serif font makes documents easier to read when displayed on
a computer screen. Whitespace surrounding the document should
make it easier to read both on screen and on printed paper. The
value of 6% was chosen because it closely approximates a one-half
inch margin on a US letter (8.5" by 11") paper. Since the margin
is expressed as a percentage it should scale well in a web browser
font-family: sans-serif;
margin: 6%;
.programlisting, .screen {
Style the programlisting and screen classes with a light gray
background and a small bit of space between the object border and
the text inside. The programlisting and screen classes are HTML
representations of the <programlisting> and <screen> DocBook tags.
background: lightgray;
padding: 5px;
/* Add any desired customizations below. */