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2016-04-21 Martin A. Brown <>
* bumping version to tldp-0.7.7
* Debian packaging attempt #1, created build with 'native' source format
which will not be accepted
* add debian/copyright file
* ldptool manpage (sphinx-generated for Debian; statically installed in RPM)
* switch --detail reporting to use predictable DOCTYPE and STATUSTYPE names
2016-04-09 Martin A. Brown <>
* bumping version to 0.7.5
* remove 'random' text from .LDP-source-MD5SUMS
* remove the --builddir if empty after complete run
2016-04-02 Martin A. Brown <>
* bumping version to 0.7.2
* using filesystem age for determining build need will not work; switch
to using content hash (MD5) to determine whether a rebuild is necessary or
* create .LDP-source-MD5SUMS in each output directory that lists all of
the hashes of the source files used to create that output directory
* remove testing and references to statfiles() and supporting friends
* add a 'lifecycle' test to the testing suite
* report on running success and failure counts during the run (to allow
interruptability if the user wishes)
2016-03-28 Martin A. Brown <>
* bumping version to 0.7.0
* support better handling of --verbose; --verbose yes, --verbose false
* update and improve documentation in stock configuration file
* provide better feedback on directory existence (or not) rather than
silently doing something unpredicable
2016-03-27 Martin A. Brown <>
* bumping version to 0.6.7
* correct situation where publish() was not propagating errors returned
from the build() function; add test
* add broken example Docbook 4 XML file to test suite
* use unicode_literals in all testing code, too
2016-03-24 Martin A. Brown <>
* bumping version to 0.6.2
* fix all sorts of runtime requirements to build under Ubuntu
and run the full test suite on Travis CI
2016-03-15 Martin A. Brown <>
* bumping version to 0.6.0
* full support for Python3, all unicode-ified and happy
* add test to fall back to iso-8859-1 for SGML docs
* success testing with tox under Python 2.7 and 3.4
2016-03-14 Martin A. Brown <>
* bumping version to 0.5.5
* use sgmlcheck for Linuxdoc sources
* adjust reporting of discovered documents
* use context to prevent more FD leakage
* begin changes to support Python3; e.g. io.StringIO, absolute_import
unicode changes, lots of, unicode_literals,
2016-03-11 Martin A. Brown <>
* handle EPIPE and INT with signal.SIG_DFL
2016-03-10 Martin A. Brown <>
* bumping version to 0.5.3
* create long running tests that exercise more of the code in the likely
way that a user would use the utility
* add testing for Docbook 5 XML
* improve look and consistency for --list (--detail) output
* improve README.rst
2016-03-09 Martin A. Brown <>
* remove unused markdown and rst skeleton processors
* pass **kwargs through all processor tools
2016-03-07 Martin A. Brown <>
* add support for --builddir, ensure that --builddir is on the same
filesystem as --pubdir
* add new option --publish; can't replace a directory atomically, but
get as close as possible by swapping the newly built output (from
--builddir) with the old one (formerly in --pubdir)
* switch to using 'return os.EX_OK' from functions in that
can be tested and/or wrapped in sys.exit(function(args))
* testing improvements for Asciidoc and
2016-03-06 Martin A. Brown <>
* provide user-discoverable support for --doctypes and --statustypes
* correct removal of Docbook4XML generated source document during build
2016-03-05 Martin A. Brown <>
* use a simplified technique (arbitrary attributes on function objects)
to generate the DAG used for topological sorting and build order
generation (thanks to Python mailing lists for the idea)
2016-03-04 Martin A. Brown <>
* bumping version to 0.4.8
* add FO generation XSL
* do not set a system default for --sourcedir / --pubdir (user must
specify, somehow)
* DocBook5/DocBook4: process xincludes before validation with xmllint
* add support for AsciiDoc detection and processing
2016-03-03 Martin A. Brown <>
* validate all documents (where possible) before processing
* provide support for DocBook 5.0 (XML)
* correct --loglevel handling in (finally works properly!)
* complete support for --script output
2016-03-02 Martin A. Brown <>
* bumping version to 0.4.5
* fix handling of STEMs which contain a '.' in the name
* review signature identification in each DOCTYPE processor and
validate and reconcile errors with PUBLIC / SYSTEM identifiers
for the SGML and XML declarations
* make sure that build() exits non-zero if ANY build fails
2016-03-01 Martin A. Brown <>
* bumping version to 0.4.2
* support a system configuration file /etc/ldptool
* add entry points and make first full installable build
* allow empty OutputDirectory() object
* begin overhauling the porcelain in
2016-02-29 Martin A. Brown <>
* overhaul generation of inventory object from sources/outputs
* add command-line features and options; actions in particular
* continue improving coverage, at 100% on
* complete CascadingConfig object creation
2016-02-26 Martin A. Brown <>
* generate a DAG for each processor class, so dependencies can
be localized (controlled, abstracted) to each processor class
* use topological sort of the DAG to drive generation of the shellscript,
which leads to massive simplification of the generate() method
* user can specify explicit file to process
* better PDF generation logic (relying on jw)
* provide support for --script outputs (logical equiv. of --dryrun)
* if a document processor is missing prerequisites, gripe to logging
and skip to the next document
* support a SourceDocument named by its directory
* add timing to each processor (some documents take minutes to process,
others just a few seconds; good for users trying to understand which...)
2016-02-25 Martin A. Brown <>
* overhaul where and how logging module gets called; is main
* adding --skip feature; can skip STEM, DOCTYPE or STATUSTYPE
* automatically detect configuration fragments in document processors
with object inspection
2016-02-23 Martin A. Brown <>
* add support for --detail (and --verbose) for both source and output docs
* pass args into all driver functions
* get rid of and references (not necessary any longer)
* fix FD leakage in function execute() and add test case (prevent reversion)
(and start switching to contextlib 'with' usage to avoid in future)
* start generalizing the build process for all doctypes in
* move all generic functionality into BaseDoctype object
* revise fundamental execution approach; generate a shellscript (which can
be executed or simply printed)
* make logging readability improvements: clarity, relevance and alignment
2016-02-22 Martin A. Brown <>
* adding ArgumentParser wrapper so can support config file + envars
* all sorts of work for support cascading configuration
* allow each processor to have its own configuration fragment, e.g.
--docbook4xml-xmllint; owned by the Docbook4XML object
* add support for --dump-cfg, --dump-env, --dump-cli, --debug-options
* adding the license text (MIT) and all of that stuff
* creating and fixing the
2016-02-19 Martin A. Brown <>
2016-02-18 Martin A. Brown <>
* process and report on documents in case-insensitive stem-sorted order
* add many docstrings for internal usage
* move all source directory scanning logic out of the SourceCollection
object; easier to test and simpler to understand
2016-02-17 Martin A. Brown <>
* add logic for testing file age, assuming a fresh checkout of the
source documents; use filesystem age to determine whether or not
a document rebuild is necessary
* initial support for (eventually, the main user entry point
and (for managing the identification and pairing of
source and output documents)
2016-02-16 Martin A. Brown <>
* adding tons of testing for document types, edge cases, duplicate
stems, sample valid and broken documents
2016-02-15 Martin A. Brown <>
* first processor, Linuxdoc, reaches success
* provide better separation between a SourceCollection and the
individual SourceDocuments; analogously, between OutputDirectory
and OutputCollection
* provide similar dict-like behaviour for SourceCollection and
OutputCollection (which is known to the user as --pubdir)
2016-02-12 Martin A. Brown <>
* first processor, Linuxdoc, fleshed out, created (failed)
* generate skeletons for other supported source document formats
* automate detection of source document format; add initial testing tools
2016-02-11 Martin A. Brown <>
* core source collection and output directory scanning complete
2016-02-10 Martin A. Brown <>
* initial commit and basic beginnings