skip orphaned documents passed into build()

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Martin A. Brown 2016-03-01 07:31:52 -08:00
parent c4ee8366f9
commit 6e2041692e
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@ -71,11 +71,14 @@ def build(config, docs, inv, **kwargs):
if not docs:
docs =
for source in docs:
if not isinstance(source, tldp.sources.SourceDocument):"%s skipping, no source for orphan", source.stem)
if not source.output:
dirname = os.path.join(config.pubdir, source.stem)
source.output = tldp.outputs.OutputDirectory(dirname)
if source.stem in config.skip:"%s skipping build per request", source.stem)"%s skipping, per user request", source.stem)
if not source.doctype:
logger.warning("%s skipping document of unknown doctype",