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@ -8,15 +8,7 @@ user-visible needs
* add support for .epub3 (or just .epub?)
* add option --builddir (default to ${pubdir}/../ldp-builddir/
* adjust the OutputDirectory to have output.builddir
* separate the logic of --publish and --build in the generate()
* add option --publish (synonym to --build, but also rename into
live output dir)
* improve abstraction and functions for --script vs. --publish and --build
* add support for asciidoc; instantiate a new instance of Docbook4XML
with a SourceDocument of the generated result of asciidoc --backend
@ -24,7 +16,6 @@ user-visible needs
* consider adding support for metadata extraction from documents
* create TLDP DocBook 5.0 XSL files (if we care)
code internals