add support for sgmlcheck (linuxdoc)

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Martin A. Brown 2016-03-13 09:41:55 -07:00
parent e35e070cae
commit 01756a16ec
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@ -18,10 +18,16 @@ class Linuxdoc(BaseDoctype, SignatureChecker):
signatures = ['<!doctype linuxdoc system', ]
required = {'linuxdoc_sgml2html': isexecutable,
'linuxdoc_sgmlcheck': isexecutable,
'linuxdoc_html2text': isexecutable,
'linuxdoc_htmldoc': isexecutable,
def validate_source(self, **kwargs):
s = '"{config.linuxdoc_sgmlcheck}" "{source.filename}"'
return self.shellscript(s, **kwargs)
def make_htmls(self, **kwargs):
'''create a single page HTML output (with incorrect name)'''
s = '"{config.linuxdoc_sgml2html}" --split=0 "{source.filename}"'
@ -54,7 +60,7 @@ class Linuxdoc(BaseDoctype, SignatureChecker):
def make_name_html(self, **kwargs):
'''create final index.html symlink'''
'''create chunked output'''
s = '"{config.linuxdoc_sgml2html}" "{source.filename}"'
return self.shellscript(s, **kwargs)
@ -68,6 +74,9 @@ class Linuxdoc(BaseDoctype, SignatureChecker):
def argparse(cls, p):
descrip = 'executables and data files for %s' % (cls.formatname,)
g = p.add_argument_group(title=cls.__name__, description=descrip)
g.add_argument('--linuxdoc-sgmlcheck', type=arg_isexecutable,
help='full path to sgmlcheck [%(default)s]')
g.add_argument('--linuxdoc-sgml2html', type=arg_isexecutable,
help='full path to sgml2html [%(default)s]')