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Last updated: July 31, 2004

Documents Under Review

Please email Emma Jane Hogbin or Tabatha Marshall if you are able to conduct any of the necessary reviews. Reviews will be conducted according to the Linux Documentation Project Reviewer HOWTO.

Documents Under Review
Document Author(s) Notes
Qmail Scanner & ClamAV HOWTO Steve Peace Language review in progress (Todd Hawley)
Process Started: July 29
Spam Filtering for Mail Exchangers HOWTO Tor Slettnes Technical and language reviews in progress (Tom Wright, Devdas Bhagat, Joost De Cock)
Process Started: July 19
iBook G4 HOWTO Sebastian Francois Requires: language and technical reviews
Process Started: July 14
Dynamic DNS HOWTO David Gonzalez H. Technical and Language reviews in progress (Rob McGee)
Process Started: July 5
Bible Translation Software Using Windows Emulators HOWTO Teus Benschop Technical and Language reviews required
Process Started: July 5
GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary Gareth Anderson Language review in progress (George Harmon)
Process started: June 29
Circuit Simulation Using SPICE on gEDA HOWTO Stuart Brorson Technical review in progress (Kareem Shehata)
Language review in progress (Michael Galea)
Process started: June 2
Linux Daemon HOWTO Devin Watson Technical Review by Andy Oram
Language Review by Rick Moen
Process started: June 2
Beowulf HOWTO Kurt Swendson July 20, 2004: Technical review by Robert Brockway
July 14, 2004: Language review completed by s.keeling
May 17, 2004: Draft version ready for feedback.
Windows+BSD+Linux Installation Guide Subhasish Ghosh July 19: waiting to hear back from the author.
Kernel Build HOWTO Kwan Lowe July 19: waiting to hear back from the author.
Language reviews completed (Doug Jensen, Michael Kerrisk)

Documents Requiring Markup Assistance

Documents Requiring Markup Assistance
Document Author(s) Notes
Qmail Scanner & ClamAV HOWTO Steve Peace Conversion to DocBook (Greg Porter)
Process Started: July 29

New Documents and Documents In Progress

If you are working on a new HOWTO, FAQ, or Guide; or have an idea/topic for a new document please send your proposal (and a brief introduction about yourself) to the LDP's discussion list ( Note: you must be subscribed to post. Subscription information is available from:

Documents In Progress
Document Author(s) Author Notes
Human Computer Interaction HOWTO [DRAFT] Ethan Glasser-Camp
glasser at rpi dot edu
July 15, 2004: Draft version is half finished.
LPI Certification Self-Study Guide David Horton
dhorton at speakeasy dot net
July 14: Submitted document for peer review
Small and Silent Servers [DRAFT] Christian Schnobrich
schnobs at babylon-kino dot de
May 14, 2004: Draft version of the German text is ready for feedback.
Bash Scripting Introduction HOWTO Francis Litterio
franl at world dot
May 7, 2004: Working on a revised edition of the current Bash Programming Introduction HOWTO
April 18, 2004: Currently, the Bash Scripting Introduction HOWTO is being rewritten from scratch in Docbook XML. I am the maintainer, but help from others is welcome. The HOWTO is about 85% complete.
Proposed: June 2002
Enterprise-Java-for-Linux-HOWTO [DRAFT] Chase
chase at osdev dot org
May 5, 2004: Removed from the Unmaintained list and added to the In Progress list.
Linux ISDN HOWTO [DRAFT] Michael Schlenstedt
Michael-i4l at schlenn dot net
Proposed: April 2004
Currently being written in German. Will be translated to English when the German version is finished.
Network Programming HOWTO [DRAFT] Carsten Kolassa
tldp at
Proposed: July 2003
May 20, 2004: Progress on the C and C++ sections (revision history has not been updated). April 23, 2004: New version will be available by the end of April.
DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) and Linux Alessandro De Donno
Proposed: March 2003
May 20, 2004: Work stalled.
April 18, 2004: Currently undergoing translation to English.

Please note: To remain on this list documents must be under active development. At a minimum authors must provide a monthly status update to the discuss list, or to one of the Review Coordinators.

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