proc.5: Fixes various references to kernel docs in Documentation/

Especially the change to .rst format in the kernel Documentation/
tree has rendered many of the references in this manual page
obsolete. Fix them.

Reported-by: Vito Caputo <>
Signed-off-by: Michael Kerrisk <>
This commit is contained in:
Michael Kerrisk 2021-08-31 03:00:55 +02:00
parent 77251857af
commit 8a5fc410a9
1 changed files with 18 additions and 7 deletions

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@ -1519,8 +1519,11 @@ See
for a description of these fields.
Parsers should ignore all unrecognized optional fields.
For more information on mount propagation see:
For more information on mount propagation see
.I Documentation/filesystems/sharedsubtree.rst
.I Documentation/filesystems/sharedsubtree.txt
before Linux 5.8)
in the Linux kernel source tree.
.IR /proc/[pid]/mounts " (since Linux 2.4.19)"
@ -3159,7 +3162,10 @@ This can be used by MAKEDEV scripts for consistency with the kernel.
.IR /proc/diskstats " (since Linux 2.5.69)"
This file contains disk I/O statistics for each disk device.
See the Linux kernel source file
.I ./Documentation/admin\-guide/iostats.rst
.I Documentation/iostats.txt
before Linux 5.3)
for further information.
.I /proc/dma
@ -3831,9 +3837,11 @@ The format of this file is documented in
.I /proc/mtrr
Memory Type Range Registers.
See the Linux kernel source file
.I Documentation/x86/mtrr.rst
.I Documentation/x86/mtrr.txt
.\" commit 7225e75144b9718cbbe1820d9c011c809d5773fd
before Linux 5.2, or
.I Documentation/mtrr.txt
before Linux 2.6.28)
for details.
@ -4375,7 +4383,10 @@ Using other separators leads to the error
This directory may contain files with application binary information.
.\" On some systems, it is not present.
See the Linux kernel source file
.I Documentation/sysctl/abi.rst
.I Documentation/sysctl/abi.txt
before Linux 5.3)
for more information.
.I /proc/sys/debug
@ -6843,9 +6854,9 @@ of thing that needs to be updated very often.
.BR sysctl (8)
The Linux kernel source files:
.IR Documentation/filesystems/proc.txt ,
.IR Documentation/sysctl/fs.txt ,
.IR Documentation/sysctl/kernel.txt ,
.IR Documentation/sysctl/net.txt ,
.IR Documentation/filesystems/proc.rst ,
.IR Documentation/admin\-guide/sysctl/fs.rst ,
.IR Documentation/admin\-guide/sysctl/kernel.rst ,
.IR Documentation/admin\-guide/sysctl/net.rst ,
.IR Documentation/sysctl/vm.txt .
.IR Documentation/admin\-guide/sysctl/vm.rst .