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This is a utility to generate DocBook from Texinfo source. Type
"texi2db -h" for all the command line options. It's pretty self-explanatory.

texi2db has to make some best guesses about how to structure your document,
because neither the html nor the info structures are optimized for DocBook.
However, by looking at a bit of both, it manages to build a pretty good
tree most of the time.

Your DocBook file will be structured just like your original Texinfo file was.
Each node becomes one of the DocBook hierarchical structures. If your nodes
include chapter, heading, section and appendix commands, those nodes will be
placed in the corresponding DocBook section. If you don't have those structures
defined, however, it looks to see who the "parent" node is, and places the node
on the next lower type of section. Also, if your structures in Texinfo are not
legal in DocBook (having a third-level under a first-level, for example),
they will be adjusted to conform to DocBook rules.

Almost none of the layout information in Texinfo carries over into DocBook.
DocBook is a semantic language, not a layout or display language. You do your
display in xsl. So, all of that information is just ignored. Therefore, if you
are doing anything fancy with linespacing and such, it will not convert very

texi2db has full support for macros, aliases, and custom highlighting with
@defenclosure commands.

This software has been in active use for some time and has proven reliable.
However, it is still in development and probably has bugs. Please feel free to
send bug reports to <david@lupercalia.net>.

David Merrill

The following structures are not supported, at least not yet.

@end direntry
All of the indexing commands.
@menu and friends are ignored for now, but I'm planning to support them later.