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Release Date Version Notes
------------ ------- -----
Unreleased 0.6 ScrollKeeper access is locale aware
Malcolm: Content-length header
Malcolm: kill FileContents()
Malcolm: proper __init__ clause
More hacking documentation
Imported latest Norm Walsh stylesheets
Malcolm: Changed some comments to be
Malcolm: Changed to use BaseHTTPServer.
Malcolm: Added config option parsing
(including --help).
Malcolm: Added option to start on different
interface and/or port.
www.scrollserver.org is now the home page
fixed default cache dir problem by adding /
2001-09-23 0.5 Moved internal cache files to cache root.
Handle anchors (#foo) in URIs.
All caching now in /var/cache/scrollkeeper
Pass locale string to ScrollKeeper
Move css stylesheet to stylesheets/css/
Default mimetype to text/plain
default.css stylesheet tweaks
Added `ScrollServer Reset' page
Added `ScrollServer Controls' page
Added `ScrollServer Help' page
Extracted URI class into a module
2001-09-22 0.4 First public release.
Code cleanup.
Added script to build tarballs.
Serve embedded images using referer header.
Serve .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif even w/o ext
Parse uris with port numbers correctly.
Make document list sort case-insensitive.
(Thanks Nik Clayton)
2001-09-19 0.3 Added a css stylesheet.
Generate index.html with xsl.
Establish common header.xsl.
2001-09-18 0.2 Rearchitected ScrollKeeper xml -> html
to pure xslt. Still loading the DOM.
Caching temporarily disabled for testing.
2001-09-10 0.1 Initial release. All existing ScrollKeeper
documents are loading and dislaying.
Internal links work unless they use ghelp:foo
URIs. Caching is in place.
Hackers wanted.