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Welcome to the LDP cvs tree.
builder/ scripts and stylesheets to publish documents to the website
db2omf/ perl script to extract omf directly from docbook documents
dsssl/ the ldp sgml stylesheet
ldp_print/ perl script to generate pdf output from ldp html sources
xsl/ ldp extensions to norm walsh's docbook xsl stylesheets
faq/ frequently asked questions
docbook/ faqs in docbook format
linuxdoc/ faqs in linuxdoc format
guide/ book-length documents
docbook/ guides in docbook format
linuxdoc/ guides in linuxdoc format
howto/ linux howtos
docbook/ howtos in docbook format
archived/ archived docbook documents
linuxdoc/ howtos in linuxdoc format
archived/ archived linuxdoc documents
lampadas/ Lampadas Project
conf/ configuration files
cron/ crontab and maintenance scripts
database/ scripts to build, backup, restore the database
doc/ documentation
tools/ miscellaneous tools
db2db/ script to parse docbook dom and update database
ldpwn/ perl script to generate the ldp weekly news lists
lib/ the Lampadas Perl module - www and tools are built on this
pub/ packages (tar.gz, deb and rpm)
www/ website
css/ cascading stylesheets
ref/ quick references
scrollserver/ python web application server front end to scrollkeeper
pub/ packaging script and packaged releases
stylesheets/ xsl stylesheets for xml -> html conversion
www/ www.scrollserver.org website
test/ to test your cvs without disturbing things, use this
texi2db/ utility to convert Texinfo files into docbook
users/ individual users' areas
wt2db/ utility to convert WikiText files into docbook
www/ websites
linuxdoc.org/ www.linuxdoc.org website
list./ ldp mailing list archives website