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cp $1.html /public/html/LDP/ldpwn/
chmod 664 /public/html/LDP/ldpwn/$1.html
chgrp ldp /public/html/LDP/ldpwn/$1.html
cd /public/html/LDP/ldpwn/
rm latest.html
ln -s $1.html latest.html
echo 'mail -s "LDP Weekly News" -c "tschlabach@gmx.net, Giridhar.Nag@ubinetics.co.in,tille@soti.org" news@en.tldp.org, lwn@lwn.net, editors@newsforge.com'
echo "~r $1.txt"
echo ""
echo "vi /public/html/LDP/ldpwn/index.html, add $1.html"