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NOTE: Installation is being reworked, but this is how it works now:
Installation from the tarball or .tar.gz, or from CVS, uses standard
Makefiles. run `make` to build the few things that need to be built,
primarily the documentation. Then run `make install` as root to install
Installation of lampadas is a bloody mess.
Report all problems, suggestions and flames to
Files are installed into the following locations by default. To change
them, edit the Makefiles.
binaries: /usr/local/bin
man pages: /usr/share/man/man5
Lampadas.pth: /usr/local/lib/site-python
python modules: /usr/local/lib/site-python/Lampadas
html, png, css: /usr/local/share/lampadas/www
SQL scripts: /usr/local/share/lampadas/sql
Tested with Red Hat 7.3, Debian 3.0r0 and SuSE 7.3.
If you want to use other directories, edit the Makefiles before
running install.
Directory 'doc' holds some related plain text files.
'doc/INSTALL.ancient' are the original notes from David Merill.
'doc/INSTALL.mandrake' is the diary of a successful installation
on Mandrake 8.2. (FIXME: by whom?)
Python, of course
PostgreSQL (I think 6.x is okay, but have not tested it).
xsltproc for xml/xslt stylesheet processing
wt2db 0.4 or later for WikiText conversions
texi2db for Texinfo conversions
jade or openjade for LinuxDoc conversions
xmllint for SGML to XML conversions and validation
docbook-to-man for manpage generation
docbook dtds
docbook xsl stylesheets from Norm Walsh
docbook dsssl stylesheets
linuxdoc dtds
linuxdoc dsssl stylesheets
tar for .tar and .tar.gz archive support
gunzip for .gz archive support
make for publishing static content
lynx for text output support
iconv for charset encoding translations
scrollkeeper to generate series ids
The process can be summarized like this:
0. Copy/extract lampadas files
Installation Notes on Mandrake 8.2
Reading this file means you somehow accomplished this step.
Note that lampadas does not require compilation and copying of
resulting files to some destination directory. Move the whole
directory to the final location, e.g. /opt/lampadas.
Already installed. No changes required
If you have chosen database packages during installation, this is installed.
Still have to use chkconfig to start the postgresql server automatically
Not installed by default.
It requires
libxml2, libxml2-devel, libxslt1, libxslt1-devel packages
libxml2, libxml2-devle, libxslt1 are installed by default
Download libxslt1-devel
Install it
rpm -i libxslt1-devel-1.0.12-1mdk.i586.rpm
Download libxslt-proc
Install it
rpm -i libxslt-proc-1.0.12-1mdk.i586.rpm
wt2db, texi2db
Check for the current versions.
For both the packages unpack, move to the proper directory and
Generate Makefile
perl ./Makefile.PL
Build the package:
Install the files in the appropriate locations:
make install
jade or openjade for LinuxDoc conversions
Already installed
xmllint for SGML to XML conversions and validation
Already installed
docbook-to-man for manpage generation
Get docbook-to-man
Uncompress it
tar zxvf docbook-to-man.tar.gz
It doesn't compile by default.
Remove lines 708, 807 in file Instant/tptregexp/regexp.c
Make and install it
make install
Change the dtd and dcl settings in /usr/local/bin/docbook-to-man script
docbook dtds
Version 3.1 is installed by default.
docbook xsl stylesheets from Norm Walsh
Get from docbook sourceforge site.
Uncompress and move to a proper location like /usr/share/sgml
tar zxvf docbook-xsl-
mv docbook-xsl- /usr/share/sgml/docbook
ln -s /usr/share/sgml/docbook/docbook-xsl-
Change the xsl:import statement in the xsl stylesheets in xsl directory
docbook dsssl stylesheets
Already installed
linuxdoc dtds
linuxdoc dsssl stylesheets
I am not sure whether this is needed or not. I downloaded the noarch
rpm and put it in /usr/share/sgml
tar for .tar and .tar.gz archive support
gunzip for .gz archive support
make for publishing static content
lynx for text output support
Already installed
1. Install postgresql database
All major distributions provide pre-fabricated packages of
postgresql. You still need to create user accounts and configure
authentication, though.
2. Install Apache with mod_python and python 2.x
x. Install a zillion requisites.
./configure should help in identifying some of them.
x. Use ./configure to patch some values of your configuration.
Manually edit bin/ and conf/lampadas.conf
Usually there is only one priviledged account (called 'postgres')
with access to the postmaster. You will need two other local accounts.
One for database management, one for the webserver.
To grant another local account access, do this as root (since postgres
has no set password).
su - postgres -c 'createuser -A -d alba'
'alba' is my account name on my machines, chose something approriate.
You won't need root access again for the database.
Log in with the new account ('alba' in above example) and create a
database instance called 'lampadas':
createdb -E UNICODE lampadas
Test the result:
psql lampadas
Please run the webserver under a separate account like 'apache',
not under a shared account like 'nobody'.