support for othercredit; role on emphasis and some other items

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@ -112,6 +112,7 @@
(define %html-ext%
;; when producing HTML files, use this extension
(define %generate-article-toc%
@ -120,9 +121,11 @@
(define %generate-part-toc%
;; show a partial table of contents on books; usually at chapter level
(define %generate-article-titlepage%
;; produce a title page for articles
(define (chunk-skip-first-element-list)
@ -134,12 +137,17 @@
(define %shade-verbatim%
;; verbatim sections will be shaded if t(rue)
(define %use-id-as-filename%
;; Use ID attributes as name for component HTML files?
(define %graphic-extensions%
;; graphic extensions allowed
'("gif" "png" "jpg" "jpeg" "tif" "tiff" "eps" "epsf" ))
(define %graphic-default-extension%
@ -148,12 +156,55 @@
(define (toc-depth nd)
;; more depth, 2 levels, to toc, instead of flat hierarchy
;; more depth (2 levels) to toc; instead of flat hierarchy
(element emphasis
;; make role=strong equate to bold for emphasis tag
(if (equal? (attribute-string "role") "strong")
(make element gi: "STRONG" (process-children))
(make element gi: "EM" (process-children))))
(define (article-titlepage-recto-elements)
;; elements on an article's titlepage
;; note: added othercredit to the default list
(list (normalize "title")
(normalize "subtitle")
(normalize "authorgroup")
(normalize "author")
(normalize "othercredit")
(normalize "releaseinfo")
(normalize "copyright")
(normalize "pubdate")
(normalize "revhistory")
(normalize "abstract")))
(mode article-titlepage-recto-mode
(element contrib
;; print out with othercredit information; for translators, etc.
(make sequence
(make element gi: "SPAN"
attributes: (list (list "CLASS" (gi)))
(element othercredit
;; print out othercredit information; for translators, etc.
(let ((author-name (author-string))
(author-contrib (select-elements (children (current-node))
(normalize "contrib"))))
(make element gi: "P"
attributes: (list (list "CLASS" (gi)))
(make element gi: "B"
(literal author-name)
(literal " - "))
(process-node-list author-contrib))))
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