added links to SGML versions of GPL and FDL.

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@ -28,12 +28,13 @@
<title>LDP Author Guide</title>
<pubdate>v3.2 25 Oct, 2000</pubdate>
<pubdate>v3.3 11 Nov, 2000</pubdate>
<orgname>VA Linux Systems</orgname>
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up to speed and writing. </para>
<date>Nov 11, 2000</date>
<revremark>Added links to SGML GDP and FDP</revremark>
<date>Oct 10, 2000</date>
@ -1367,8 +1374,15 @@ $_toolroot/dtd/docbook/catalog</command> <co id="export">
url="">GNU Free Documentation
License (GFDL)</ulink> or the <ulink
url="">Open Publication License
(OPL)</ulink> <emphasis>without</emphasis> options A and B. </para>
(OPL)</ulink> <emphasis>without</emphasis> options A and B. If
you choose, you can get DocBook markups up both the GNU GPL
and the GNU FDL from <ulink url="">
the GNOME Documentation Project</ulink>. You can then merely
include the license in its entirety in your document. Due
to its length, you may just want to provide a link
to the source.</para>
<para>If you choose to use a boilerplate copyright, simply copy it
into your source code under a section called <quote>Copyright
and Licenses</quote> or similar. Also include a copyright