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Note about dead link in migration tools
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@ -17,6 +17,10 @@ Administrator's Guide.</para></abstract>
<revhistory id="revhistory">
<revremark>Note about dead link</revremark></revision>
<revremark>Pointer to updated documentation</revremark></revision>
@ -1944,6 +1948,12 @@ recomendations about the subject LDAP.</para>
<section id="LDAPMigrationTools">
<title>LDAP Migration Tools</title>
<note><title>Dead Link</title>
<para>The migration tools cannot be found any longer under the given URL. No alternative known yet.
<para>The LDAP Migration Tools are a collection of Perl scripts provided by PADL
Software Ltd. They are used to convert configuration files to the LDIF format.
I recommend reading the license terms before using them, even being free. If