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<para>Beware of the <command>time</command> command. This is not
used to get the system time. Instead it's used to time how long
something takes. Refer the the time man page.</para>
something takes. Refer to the time man page.</para>
<para> <command>date</command> only shows or sets the software
clock. The <command>clock</command> commands synchronizes
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<para>Many people get the idea that instead of running the NTP
daemon, they should just setup a <command>cron</command> job
job to periodically run the <command>ntpdate</command> command.
There are 2 main disadvantages of using using this method.</para>
There are 2 main disadvantages of using this method.</para>
<para>The first is that <command>ntpdate</command> does a "brute force"
method of changing the time. So if your computer's time is off my 5